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Solar-controlling window films can block between 67% and 78% of solar heat, boosting a home’s efficiency. Here’s what you need to know.

Withinterest in green building and utility rebates on the rise, some informedpeople are looking at solar-controlling window films as a cost-effectivesolution for boosting home efficiencies and reducing costs.  Applied to the window, transparent film actsas a solar shield, blocking up to 80% of the sun’s heat.  Chris Calleja of Sparkbow Ltd., Malta,notices that “people are using more and more glass in their homes and showroomsare getting wider using as much frontage as possible.  In no time, you will get your money back ifyou buy a good quality product and will last you 20 years.  This is really an investment which pays”.

Nevertheless,lack of awareness, misperceptions, and the small additional cost are impedingthe category’s growth, installers say.  Here are some of the product’s attributes.

  • Window films reject solar heat to improve comfort year-round
  • Windowtint provides impressive energy savings – Window film can cut electricity billsby 30% to 40% and it’s much cheaper than replacing windows.
  • Solar films block 99% of UV light that fades furniture, and with better technologies, now do it without looking reflective or dark.
  • Films add security, slowing down a break in and holding shards together if the window shatters.

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Article adapted from Evelyn Royer.


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